(Jemez Springs, NM) – A year of recovery, restoration and new beginnings was highlighted by
record revenues and visitation at the Valles Caldera National Preserve in 2012. The numbers are
detailed in the Valles Caldera Trust’s (the trust) Report to Congress for Fiscal Year 2012
(October 1, 2011 through September 30, 2012). The report details the challenges and successes of
2012, reviews the historical accomplishments and progress made from 2008-2012 and presents
the outlook for fiscal year 2013.

One of the new beginnings was the appointment of Dennis Trujillo as Executive Director.
Trujillo has been with the trust since its inception and served as Valles Caldera National Preserve
manager during the formative stages of the organization.
“This (2012) was a year of transition,” said Trujillo. “We recognized that in order to be
successful we had to transition from interim management to a cohesive, comprehensive
management plan. We began that phase with the development and implementation of a Strategic
Management Plan last spring.”

The plan covers the period of 2012-2018 and concentrates on three strategic goals. The first is to
expand the public’s access and enjoyment of the preserve. The second is the restoration and
stewardship of the natural and cultural resources found on the preserve. The third goal focuses on
financial sustainability which is critical during this time economic uncertainty and shrinking

Trujillo noted that the development and implementation of a new strategic plan, continued landscape restoration and the completion of the Public Access and Use Plan (PAUP) and Record of Decision set the tone for 2012.
Record numbers in visitation and revenue also contributed to the list of successes in 2012. The estimated number of visitors to the preserve is reasonably estimated to be 110,785 which is 13.6% increase over the 97,552 who visited in 2011. The numbers do not include the estimated 150,000 visitors to the two NM Highway 4 overlook pullouts. Revenue reached a historical high of $951,574 which is a 19.7% increase over the FY 2011 total of $795,110.
The 2012 Report to Congress also discusses the status of the preserve’s natural and cultural resources and details the trust goals for 2013.

The complete Valles Caldera Trust 2012 Report to Congress can be found on the trust website at:

A copy of the Visitor Count Report is available on the trust website at:

The Strategic Management Plan for 2012-2018 is posted on the trust website at: http://goo.gl/70VIU
The Valles Caldera Trust oversees the Valles Caldera National Preserve, formerly the privately owned “Baca Ranch.” The 89,000-acre property is located in the Jemez Mountains in northern New Mexico. The ranch was purchased by the federal government in 2000 under the Valles Caldera Preservation Act. The property is known for its huge meadows, abundant wildlife, meandering streams and remarkable scenery. The mission of the trust is to create a successful model of public land management that protects and preserves the unique values of the Valles Caldera National Preserve. Toward that end, the trust will operate the preserve as a working ranch; strive to become financially self-sustaining; meet the varied needs of visitors; strive to use and steward the multiple resources of the preserve; and work collaboratively with our neighbors.