Arts and Culture


Creativity & Culture in Los Alamos

Creativity abounds in Los Alamos and White Rock and plays a major role in community life. Los Alamos is home to more than sixty organizations and educational programs dedicated to the arts and performing arts. Contact or visit one of the groups listed below for current events and activities.

Los Alamos has a unique culture of creativity. The same intellectual curiosity that drives scientific discovery and creativity has also produced a deep appreciation and involvement in cultural pursuits. Art, music, dance, theater, and lecture activities are accessible every day of the year. Art fairs, concerts, lectures, demonstrations, plays, recitals, parades, festivals, etc. are frequent. See calendar for events.

Whether you are at one of the many festivals held throughout the year, the fair and rodeo, a classical music concert, a dance performance, or one of the weekly outdoor concerts held during the summer in the center of town, you cannot miss the small-town comfort and ambience that permeates the local culture.

Los Alamos is a 40-minute drive to Santa Fe, a city with an international reputation for southwest culture, arts, and cuisine. We are within 45 miles of eight Indian Pueblos and their link to ancient American cultures. Los Alamos residents have the dual benefit of small town living coupled with close proximity to a diverse variety of cultural and entertainment possibilities.