Inspire a Love of History and Science in Los Alamos, N.M.

Published on June 18, 2024


Find Unique Out-of-the-Classroom Learning Opportunities and Events for All Ages this Summer

Los Alamos, New Mexico—where discoveries are made—invites families to experience interactive science and history this summer, combining summer learning with fun family memories. In Los Alamos, home to groundbreaking scientific discoveries that continue to this day, opportunities for real-life learning abound.

“Whatever your age or area of interest, Los Alamos is the place to make learning fun this summer,” said Ellyn Felton, Marketing Specialist for Los Alamos County. “As a community that prides itself on discovery, on learning and diving deeper into subjects, we welcome all curious minds to discover their next adventure and learn about everything from science to Los Alamos’ incredible role in U.S. and world history.”

For visitors looking to immerse seamlessly into a learning vacation, a trip around the signature Los Alamos summer event, Los Alamos ScienceFest, is a must. Running July 12–16, with Discovery Day on Saturday, July 13, ScienceFest features a variety of interactive events and activities for children and adults of all ages to explore hands-on science. With an entire week of STEAM-based fun, events range from films, a concert, games, interactive booths and demonstrations, and a Dark Sky Party. For more information and a schedule of events, visit

"This year's theme of Creative Energy will be highlighted with an art exhibit, AR (augmented reality) works during the Friday Night Concert and Discovery Day, and lots of interactive fun for adults during Discovery After Dark," said Jacquelyn Connolly, Executive Director of Los Alamos MainStreet.

Along with ScienceFest, Visit Los Alamos recommends the following must-see experiences:

  • Museums – For history buffs or fans of the film Oppenheimer, The Los Alamos History Museum provides an immersive journey through the area’s past. Located along historic Bathtub Row, the museum takes visitors through a historic building to view artifacts, photographs, and personal stories from key time periods in Los Alamos history. For science lovers, look no further than Bradbury Science Museum. The museum—which is always free of charge—provides an in-depth view of the major scientific discoveries made in Los Alamos throughout the town’s history. The museum includes replicas of atomic bombs, as well as rotating exhibits and interactive stations in history, defense, and research.
  • Los Alamos Nature Center For the outdoor loving family, the Los Alamos Nature Center offers local trail maps and a chance to get a feel for the area’s terrain and wildlife. In addition to resources, stop in for a show at the planetarium or meet area wildlife.
  • Gateway to Three National Parks Nestled between Bandelier National Monument, Valles Caldera National Preserve and surrounding Manhattan Project National Historical Park, Los Alamos is the ideal hub for a National Park summer vacation. Explore ancient cave dwellings and hike spectacular trails at Bandelier National Monument. Check an item off your bucket list by seeing the remnants of an ancient volcanic eruption at Valles Caldera National Preserve—one of only seven super volcanoes in the world and an International Dark Sky Park. Go behind the scenes of Oppenheimer and unlock the secrets of the once Secret City of Los Alamos by exploring Manhattan Project National Historical Park.

“We wish everyone a summer full of discovery and hope to see you all in Los Alamos for ScienceFest and throughout the summer months to soak up the wonderful world of history and science,” added Felton.

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